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The main differences in functionality of DVRs

In case of choosing not the cheapest option a set of functions and properties of the instruments is considered. The main thing that experts and motorists pay attention – recording quality, it has to be perfect. Actually, these devices are acquired because of that fact. If you choose according this feature, the Full HD recorder stands out among the other models. Besides the quality of the video recorders differ in other characteristics of relevance.


These ones include:

  • method of data storage (flash memory or hard drive);
  • availability of display (possibility of on-site to view the recorded video provides great advantages in the resolution of disputes);
  • ratio of data compression (effect on the cost of traffic with online monitoring, save disk space);
  • the number of video inputs (one to four or more), connect the microphone;
  • the presence of alarm inputs (connected to sensors which open windows, doors, alarms and so on);
  • the possibility of simultaneous actions (simplex – write or produce, duplex – simultaneous record and playback recorded data earlier, triplex – to record, broadcast recording on the screen while watching a previous recording).