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Innovative ignition system Advanced Corona Ignition System.

The company Federal-Mogul presented the innovative ignition system Advanced Corona Ignition System (ACIS), allowing to reduce the fuel consumption up to 10% compared to the standard spark ignition system and, therefore, emission reduction.

Advanced Corona Ignition SystemThe ignition system from Corona more powerful source of ignition using the high-intensity plasma in the combustion chamber. The technology ACIS increase the combustion efficiency and allows realizing the innovative strategies in the combustion processes, such as 2011 Dodge Durango headlights, burning of poor and depleted fuel mixtures and ensuring the highly effective exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR), which increases the fuel efficiency even further. ACIS system uses the materials and construction solutions, facilitating the start-up of large scale production for the modern and new engines.

ACIS uses the powerful high-frequency electric field for obtaining the repetitive controlled ionization, creating a lot of ion flows for the ignition of fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, while the common spark plug creates only the small arc between the electrodes.