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Child safety under control: choose a car seat

Transportation of children in the car is a big responsibility for parents who need to make every effort to create safe conditions for young passengers. The World Health Organization reports that the special restraints increase the chances of survival of children with serious road accidents by 54%. That’s why the question should not arises to buy a car seat or not? The main task – to choose a good instance.

car seat

Children’s car seats differ by manufacturers, manufacturing materials, fixtures, designs and prices.

For all their diversity, they are clearly divided into groups based on the weight of the child:

  • Group 0: 0-10 kg
  • Group 0+: up to 13 kg
  • Group 1: 9-18 kg
  • Group 2: 15-25 kg
  • Group 3: 22-36 in

Children older than 10 years are starting to be very different from each other by height and weight, so they have chosen boosters (or seat-cushion) without backrest. Many models have a detachable seat back and allow you to change a seat in booster.