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Braking temperatures.

Even in heavy traffic the temperature between the pad and the disc does not usually exceed 370C. In racing conditions for small sports cars, these temperatures are usually 480 – 650C. In the context of the cup races and championships of the temperature rise to 850C, and the discs are heated to red or orange glow.

Braking temperatures

Always choose the brake pads to suit your needs. Never use a racing pad just because you wrinkle like a racer.
Most racing brake pads need to preheat and are not effective until the temperature between the pad and the disc reaches 150 – 180 ° C.

Racing pads are not ideal for the brake at a red light driving in the city.
Greenstuff and Redstuff of EMU do not need warming up, and are effective at low brake temperatures. Greenstuff Redstuff also improve their braking properties than more energetic you are using it. We call it quality of progressive braking.