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2016 Honda Pilot – car Review

If you’re shopping for a family friendly crossover, you have a lot of options 1 of which is the all new 2015 Honda pilot, here’s what you need to know. 2015 Honda Pilot if offered in 5 trim levels each available with all wheel drive this is the upscale touring model, with front wheel drive. The pilot 3.5 liter, V6 deliver 30 celery sent an even better half my. Around 20 miles per gallon in town 28 We found Mood right. Candles reasonably well. Off the Some of, I feel the Better suited to a road trip. Freaking. So when you test drive be sure to get the full experience by driving in heavy truck. And on the open. Inside the pilot rad Karen friendly convenient features like heated leather seats integrated second row sunshades and a driver seat with 2 position memory. We’re big fans of the center console plenty of room inside Andrew month top.

 Honda PilotAnything you need quick easy access to. Another positive for the pilot is the rear seating in most models in the second row slight for Intel flap, with a touch of a button getting passengers easy access with Asia comfortable third row yet I think come for bomb if you’ve spent any time shopping for I think you know most dirt roads are built for the average. So this is great. I don’t mind control and a multitude of USB port all the hope everyone comfortable Antarctica. Very good headlights LED. And the power liftgate available on most models the fever convenient when your hands. All And the second and third rows pulled out easily cargo versatility.

As for technology there’s plenty available nationally on the higher tier model. Although the navigation of the bit slow at times. But it may not be an issue with your smartphone for direction. On the upside Elaine watch camera allows you to actually be within your blind spot. And the multi angle rearview camera and parking sensors are great for maneuvering in tight places. All in all the 2015 0 pilot in the comfortable patients family friendly and. Just be sure you’re okay with the way you drive south of the traffic before you make your final decision.