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2011 Toyota Rav4 Changing front brake pads

Are you okay so today we’re doing a. Front brake pad replacement for a 2011 Toyota Rav 4. First your start off by taking this ball toss. This bolt off right here. And there’s another bolt on the backside you that’s a 16. The skill or a 14 millimeter. So let’s go ahead and get started here. About 130 in a merciless. It’s tough. And I certainly looks. The caliber of. But there but we were really a puppy don’t even need to remove.

Brake pads rav4Sorry about that people can mean to you. Leslie Jim. Slide this bad boy like so. And then because of the break line you kind of want to secure this up high but don’t find your line. Okay. And our next step after we remove the piston caliper is to remove the brake pads which is pretty. A simple. Just kinda slide the bottom out. Bring it out like self same day with the backside. Slip it out Papa down like that now you are going to gets various different types of hardware in your package. Simone consist of the sensor here. Backing play.

She got all backing please take this off here. Use it on their. Next Pat. He’s out there spacer ships. Okay so we got is the old brake pads now when you get your set of brake pads you want to look for the extra hardware to replace this piece here And that there. And these places up here. They come out pretty difficult like. But they are supposed to be replaced. Good idea to replace it. Screwdriver would make it easier for that pops out just like that now you really want to make sure you got the right one going into the right spot. This one does not go there. This one goes there comes goes in the same way there as a top and a bottom and left and right.

So this would slip right back in there like so. The little bit of persuasion. We put this one out as well. Screwdriver tends to make this easier but he compiled a hard up at your hands. The second one. Make sure it goes up in the same fashion. Put it up in there just like so. Come around the backside where’s it going to be a little bit more difficult to see what’s going on but. Same concept. Wiggle it out pry it out. If you don’t have the strength in your hands grab yourself a screwdriver. Which I may have to do. There you got it out so then we take. Other side. Matcha. If you’re right into the groove until it clicks it. Difficult when you can’t see. Exactly what. Thing on every. Cured in. And. A list. Top one. Can’t see You That The last one in. Little difficult. But it goes.